ZS Extreme Objects
The portfolio of our products covers all aspects of a large scale system, from integration and data conversions, management and business intelligence, workflow and reporting through to specific systems modules which are predefined but can be redesigned rapidly.
Users & Application Management Services
By using these services, admin user is able to define company (Branches and Organizational hierarchy, Roles), application configuration settings, manage other users. It also lets admin users manage reports included in the solution. There is an option to categorize reports. Besides these admin users have options to grant or restrict access of any report to any user or workgroup.
Enterprise Suite with Multiple Built in Modules
This suite provides standard modules Contacts, Email, Task, Schedule, Notes, Document Bank, Survey, Dashboard Switchboard, Reports that can be a part, along with the configured custom modules, of any departmental solution.
Application Building Services
These services provide a complete range of tools to configure a complete departmental solution. You can configure custom modules, add built in standard modules.
Business Intelligence Services
These services provide complete range of sub services to define workflows, build business rules, define actions and define escalations to be attached with departmental solutions or across the departmental solution.
Data Integration Services
Our Integration Services is a platform for building high performance data integration solutions, including extraction, transformation for data warehousing and reporting. You can extract data from a verity of data sources like Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, XML, and Text/Doc.
Reporting Services
Our Reporting Services delivers enterprise, web-enabled reporting functionality so you can create reports by using wizard that draw content from a variety of data sources, publish reports in various formats, and centrally manage security and Programss.
Emailing & Email Synchronization Services
We have our own mailing application and we facilitate you to import/export your mailing data from other mail servers to our own.
Text and Parameterized Search
In every standard or custom module we have provided text based and parameterized search facility and this can be customized at any time.
Notification Services
Along with the specialized services to configure SLAs by using our Business Intelligence Services, the departmental user is provided facility with each module to define and attach notifications (emails, alerts) with any piece of entered data.
Smart Device/Tablet PC Applications
We have state of the art smart devices solutions that are used to capture data from the field and synchronize it with the data centre. The admin on the live end has facility to dynamically build multi entity forms to be downloadable as the part of smart device applications. So the PDA applications are configured by the admin users. Our all of the above mentioned technologies are based upon the modern tolls and technologies like Micros Soft Windows Servers 2008, Microsoft .Net 2008 (Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic), Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and many a third party components.

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